"I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think."
-- Socrates

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Busy Days in Room 108

Room 108 has been buzzing with activity! We have been discussing Fall, Apples, Germs, Good Citizenship, Numbers and Letters! Johnny Appleseed even visited on his birthday - Sept. 26! We made applesauce in honor of Johnny's birthday and enjoyed eating it out on the playground with our other Kindergarten friends.

Buster the Bus visited and reminded us all about ways to stay safe around our school bus. He even taught us how to cross the road in front of a school bus dropping us off! Miss Honey also visited! She is so funny!

Mr. VanEll's high school students came to our classroom at the beginning of October to teach us about Germs using the Scrubby Bear program. We learned about how to get rid of germs, where germs live and how germs make us sick. Our high school friends even had a really cool black light that lit up our germs after we rubbed 'magic' powder into our hands!

The most amazing of all was being able to meet a real-life Clarkson Golden Knight hockey player. Kevin Tansey, #10, came to our room and visited with all of us. He spoke to us about the importance of being responsible citizens and about how important it is to do well in school and to try your best!

Please enjoy the following slide show containing pics from all events mentioned.

Our year has gotten off to a great start and we are all settling in nicely to our routines. Enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend!

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