"I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think."
-- Socrates

Friday, November 19, 2010

Don't Get Sick, Wash Up Quick!

That's Scrubby Bear's motto! For the past couple weeks, some high school students have been visiting our classroom teaching us about germs, how they make us sick and how we can prevent that by washing our hands. We have had lots of fun with our new friends. We have also learned a lot! We even got to use "quiet powder" to see germs with an ultraviolet light and designed our own germs!

Thanks to Dia, Kyle, Jeremy and Alicia!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


As we started our week on Monday, reviewing the crazy schedule to come, the children were very excited about a day off at home! I shared how excited I was as well...lots to do at home, fun with our families...but most of all, we discussed the importance of today, November 11...Veterans' Day. A day to remember those brave men and women who help to make our country a safe and happy place to live.

Upon the beginning of our class conversation, I asked what a "Veteran" is. I quickly received a response of "I know what that is...it's where we take our dog when he is sick." I chuckled inside, assuring that brave student the words Veteran and Veterinarian DO, INDEED, sound the same. However, a veteran is something a bit different.

We discussed "soldiers" next. That's when I saw the light bulbs click on in my students' eyes! They knew what I was talking about, AND they just learned a new vocabulary word for soldier. As a matter of fact, some were quite passionate about the subject, as one child's dad is in the Air Force.

Although I didn't share this information with my students, I feel I can share it with you. The importance of this day was realized by me when I was a very young girl, as my own father's identical twin brother gave his life for this country in Vietnam, just a few weeks before he was to arrive home to be my dad's best man. I am also the proud granddaughter, niece, aunt and friend of MANY other veterans as well.

Please take the time today to share stories with your child about their own family members or friends who have served in the armed forces. They are interested in the topic and have such great insight.

Enjoy your family today and hug them tightly, remembering that somewhere in this country, there is another family, just like yours, wishing they had the luxury of being together today, just as you and your family are.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Breezy Maples Farm

Our trip to Breezy Maples Farm in Massena was fabulous! We were met by the Kenny Family, who happen to own/run the property. We enjoyed the Chicken Coop Theater, pony rides and a lesson on Chickens and Ducks (we even got to pet each one!!). The goats were fun to feed, too. Their tongues tickled our hands as they ate!

We ended our visit with a fun hay ride and a chance to pick our own pumpkin!

I think it is safe to say fun was had by all!!

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